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一花一世界。认识不同, 有了不同的世界

一花一世界。认识不同, 有了不同的世界


One flower is a world. Different understanding makes different world

Chen Jianzhou has a different world, so he has such attractive works.


On this land, there is a civilization of five thousand years, it is very adventurous to make art in this era of heavy cultural heritage. Most of the time, we find that we can no longer give this world more, perhaps this is not a good time for culture. Chen Jianzhou’s works are rooted in tradition but not limited to tradition. His works show a very deep imprint of the era. Journey to the West is an important literary work that has affected people from generation to generation. The Monkey King is already a memory of my childhood. When I saw him again, he has advanced with the times. He has more problems, he put on fashionable clothes, he appeared at the bus station, and he was sick.

《生病的悟空》一件10几厘米的见方的作品,却绘出了人生千万般的惆怅,“悟空”生病了,这战神在几百年后终于倒下了,像普通人一样,这作品的背后我们可以联想到很多事情,正是这样的英雄病倒的瞬间触动了我的痛点,是呀,正如陈建周讲的“人再强大也会有脆弱的时候 ”


"Sick Wukong", a work of about a dozen centimeters square, shows the infinite melancholy of the life. "Wukong" is sick. The god of war finally fell after hundreds of years. Like ordinary people, we can think of many things besides the work itself. It is this moment of the illness of hero that makes me feel the pain. Yes, just as Chen Jianzhou said, “ Even the strongest people can sometimes be vulnerable. ”

“ The reality has changed us. Then let’s try not to let vanity erode our most authentic self and change our most essential mission: to fetch the scripture of heart ”. This is a paragraph in the work collection of Chen Jianzhou. We can’t stop us from being changed by the years. Our face will gradually grow old. We will become less ambitious and have no ideals, but we should still maintain a pure heart.



The scenery along the way is beautiful. Don't lose the care of God for our life.

The encounter happens because of fate, when we meet each other, there will always be all kinds of reasons. We will meet the fairy tale world again in this way, the world of Chen Jianzhou, I think his world is just as colorful as this painting, and full of difficulties but also full of sunshine just as this painting.


One flower is a world, Chen Jianzhou blooms in your eyes and mine in this way. I believe he will bring the world more differences. I hope you and I can walk into this different heart.


Chi Shoufei


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